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Aims C. Coney, Jr.

Retired Partner
Fax +1.412.355.7474
Mr. Coney concentrated his practice in labor relations, including collective bargaining, employment discrimination, affirmative action, elections and campaigns. In negotiated contracts, focus has been on restraining costs, preserving managerial flexibility and, in many cases, developing good will among the parties. Civil rights compliance, including affirmative action, has involved counseling on preventive maintenance including judgments on strategical alternatives, the troubleshooting of conflicts as they arise, and the defense of clients before various federal, state and local agencies.

Professional Background

Mr. Coney wrote on topics germane to labor and employment issues, including racial conflicts among steel mill employees. In addition, he was co-chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility. In that capacity, he wrote on ethical questions arising in the practice of law. Mr. Coney received the Advocacy Award from Achieve (formerly ARC Allegheny) in September 2001.