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Do You Have What It Takes To Get Hired?
What makes a successful K&L Gates lawyer? Good question. We look for a distinctive blend of characteristics – a rare combination of dedication and drive, high ethical standards and motivation, and intellectual ability and curiosity. Think you’ve got what it takes? Take a look and see for yourself.

Leaders Wanted.
You have a strong work ethic. You’re a self-starter committed to personal and professional development. And you’ve demonstrated initiative, tenacity, and potential. In addition, you listen and act on feedback.

Curiosity Encouraged.
You’re a strategic thinker who solves problems creatively. You’re skilled at identifying and analyzing issues. And you’re stimulated intellectually by legal problems arising in today’s world.

Maturity – a must.
You possess sound judgment and have excellent people skills. You’re confident and professional. And you exhibit a positive can-do attitude that is contagious to others.

Passion Desired.
You must be dynamic, charismatic, and enthusiastic. You’re excited about the law – and your community, getting involved in local extracurricular activities.

Communication Skills Required.
You are articulate, inspire confidence, and possess the ability to speak and write clearly and intelligently.

Team Players Needed.
You’re approachable and enjoy participating in group activities. You’re a good listener. And you’re always willing to share thoughts and ideas.