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David Diamond, Ph.D.

Patent Agent
Fax +1.949.253.0902
David Diamond is a registered patent agent with significant experience in molecular biology, immunology, virology, oncology, and diabetes. He has broad experience in Biotech; he founded, staffed, and equipped industrial departments contributing to research, development, and regulatory affairs.

Professional Background

Prior to joining K&L Gates, Mr. Diamond headed the IP function for a biotech company as it developed from research to commercial stage. In that role he oversaw and worked with multiple outside counsel and internal staff on patent and trademark activities related to biologics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and industrial machinery. He was deeply engaged in patent preparation and prosecution, freedom-to-operate analyses, and due diligence activities.


At MannKind Corporation Dr. Diamond built a multi-faceted patent portfolio centered on their lead product, AFREZZA® (insulin human) Inhalation Powder, with laddered patent terms stretching out beyond 2030. At FDA approval in 2014, AFREZZA had 30 Orange Book listed patents and 40 patents listed on its virtual patent marking web page.

Professional/Civic Activities

  • Licensing Executives Society (LES)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Association of Immunologists
  • American Society for Microbiology

Speaking Engagements

  • The State Bar of California 41st Annual IP Institute, Panelist - Global Patents: Best Practices for Building and Maintaining Your International Patent Portfolio, November 2016
  • Consero Global IP Management Forum, Panelist – CAFC Year in Review, June 2016
  • The IP Strategy Summit: Orange County, Panelist - When To Trade Secret & Managing the Process, June 2016
  • Advanced Summit on Life Sciences Patents, American Conference Institute, Panelist – Method Claims: Understanding the Impact of Akamai on Direct and Divided Infringement, February 2016
  • Advanced Summit on Life Sciences Patents, American Conference Institute, Panelist – Strategically Executing a Cohesive International Life Sciences Patent Strategy for Established and Emerging Markets, January 2015
  • The IP Strategy Summit: Orange County, Panelist – Due Diligence & Portfolio Evaluation, November 2014

Additional Information


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    *Equal  contributors.
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