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13. Oktober 2010
The interview deals with private damages claims after cartel decisions and touches on the question of why there have thus far only been a few such claims in Germany and whether the recent cartel decisions in the fields of pre-stressing steel and bathroom furnishings may lead to more of them.   German-language article.  Posted with permission.
30. Juli 2010
22. Juli 2010
4. Juni 2010
02. Juni 2010
Oberlandesgericht München stärkt One-Stop-Shop für Weltrepertoire bei der GEMA
Anmerkung zu BGH, Urt. v. 14. 1. 2010 – IX ZR 78/09, ZInsO 19/2010, p. 802 f
The author discusses the consequences of a recent decision of the German Civil Supreme Court on share pledges. The German Civil Supreme Court held that an ordinary share pledge does not affect the distribution of profits or retained earnings. Consequently, any payment of profit distributions to the pledgee is subject to preference claims by the insolvency administrator of the pledgor. To close the potential loophole from the perspective of the pledgee, the autor proposes to create the pledge in such a way that the pledgee is entitled to take the emoluments of the pledged shares.  German-language article.  Posted with permission.
10. Mai 2010
Mai 2010
27. April 2010
22. April 2010
11 März 2010
März 2010
VergabeR 3/2010, p. 427 f.
In its judgment of 9 June 2009 (Case C-480/06, Commission v Federal Republic of Germany, “Stadtreinigung Hamburg”) the European Court of Justice dismissed an infringement action initiated by the EC Commission against Germany concerning an alleged infringement of European public procurement directives. The Court determined that inter-municipal cooperation can (under certain circumstances) take place without the need to conduct a formal tender procedure. The authors describe the content of the judgment and come to the conclusion that the ECJ did not find a new – unwritten – exemption as for example in the Teckal case, in which the Court established the “in-house” exemption. In substance, the judgment only clarifies that non-commercial inter-municipal cooperation arrangements between public authorities with the purpose to jointly achieving the respective public tasks and goals are no public contracts. Judgments to come will have the task to find clear criteria of demarcation between horizontal cooperations with the purpose of jointly achieving the respective public tasks and vertical commercial contractual relationships serving the purpose of public procurement.  German-language article.  Posted with permission.
bei Finanzierung von 23 Regionalzügen für die Hessische Landesbahn GmbH
January 28, 2010
In the past, shareholder minorities obstructed the restructuring of distressed closed-end investment funds by rejecting restructuring measures such as contribution of new capital or change of future profit distribution.  In a recent judgment, the German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) extended the scope of voluntary restructuring measures for closed-end investment funds.  At the same time the court balanced the interests between the majority of shareholders aiming at restructuring the fund and the minority of shareholders refusing such restructuring.  The article illustrates impact and key features of the verdict.  German language article.  Posted with permission.
14. Januar 2010
30. November 2009
This article deals with the fair remuneration a video portal should pay for music rights used by the users.  It challenges the recent GEMA online minimum fees and proposes a percentage fee as established in the private radio sector.  German-language article.  Posted with permission.
18. November 2009
October 9, 2009
Oktober 2009
Kommunikation & Recht S. 658 f.
The article deals with a decision of the District Court of Munich in which the court held that the online rights for a streaming video portal like YouTube could not be split up into a reproduction and right of public access. Therefore, CELAS could not enforce its reproduction rights in the EMI repertoire against the video portal since these rights still vested with German collecting society GEMA. The author agrees with the decision and outlines that it is well founded also under European law with respect to the so-called GEMA-decision of the Commission from 1972.  This is a German-language article.  Posted with permission.
11. Juni 2009
July 20, 2009
Landgericht München stärkt One-Stop-Shop für Weltrepertoire bei der GEMA
Restrukturierungsexperte Volker Gattringer neuer Partner
Markus Runde wechselt von ProSiebenSat.1 zu K&L Gates
26 March 2009
German Stimulus Plan Alert
Dr. Frank Thomas, Daniela Bohn, Mathias Schulze Steinen
Responding to the unexpected and powerful deterioration in the economic outlook, the German Parliament adopted the "Pact for employment and stability in Germany" (Gesetz zur Sicherung der Beschäftigung und Stabilität in Deutschland) on 2 March 2009.
March 11, 2009
6. März 2009
Der Betrieb, Status: Recht; volume 3, pages 83-84
In an article on internal investigations, Dr. Hartung takes a view on more recent sceptic assessments of the usefulness and legality of internal investigations in Germanny.  He argues that (i) corporate internal investigations are a standard tool of a modern compliance management system and good corporate governance, (ii) cooperation with enforcement agencies is often required and in the best interest of the company, and (iii) a correct and state-of the art legal and technical execution of an internal investigation is a key prerequisite for achieving the desired results.  Posted with permission.  German-language article.
25. Februar 2009
30. Juli 2008
04. Juli 2008
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