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Obligations imposed by regulators touch on almost every aspect of commercial life. In addition to reporting requirements and penalties for failure to meet regulatory requirements, companies must be aware of the frequent revisions to the regulatory framework as well as newly published guidance. Keeping up with the regulatory aspects that affect your business can be a full-time job.

U.S. companies wishing to expand into the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the European Union will need to take careful account of the regulatory framework, both general and sector-specific. In addition, many businesses look for a competitive edge through exemplary compliance and wider corporate social responsibility standards. We understand that compliance and CSR issues can advance a business strategy and can help companies who want to be the leader in their industries.

For companies without a solid grasp on regulatory issues, failure to fulfill requirements can result in serious penalties. In the most serious circumstances, company directors and the company itself can face criminal sanctions, the results of which can be devastating for businesses and threaten the livelihoods of individuals. Over the past year, there have been a number of hefty fines imposed on organizations that have been found to have breached legislation, and this trend is predicted to continue. Our teams are accessible to handle organizational crises or interventions for urgent attendance at police or regulator interviews and for critical advice on regulatory issues as they emerge. It is often vital to take the correct approach from the first moment.

As a response to the growing importance of regulation for our clients' businesses, K&L Gates has dedicated one of its core practice areas to policy and regulatory work. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with regulatory issues, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. They work closely with lawyers in our offices in the United States, Asia, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, and Frankfurt to provide a global service. We put the right team together with the right people in the right fields from across the firm, responding quickly and effectively to protect our clients' interests.

Areas of Practice

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Policy Director
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Special Counsel
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Acting for a major industrial concern in connection with permitting issues for a new plant in Iceland, which involved advice on the interpretation of the European Environmental Impact Assessment by the U.K. courts and the European Court of Justice.
Advising a U.S. entertainment company on price-fixing issues arising out of its EU-licensing agreements.
Assisting an Asian technology company in the context of a cartel investigation carried on by EU and U.S. competition authorities.
Preparing competition law guidelines for an international timber trade association.
Advising U.S. and Asian electronics manufacturers and distributors on the interpretation and implementation of the EU WEEE and RoHS Directives and the application of such legislation to the export of electronic equipment into Europe.
Advising U.S. companies in the chemical, steel, and nutritional supplements sectors on the application of various provisions of REACH (EU chemicals regulation).
Advising U.S. companies in the software, drinks, and clothing industries on setting up business in the EU.
Advising a U.S. printer manufacturer of EU regulation of sales of items incorporating recycled parts.