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Beyond the Locker Room: Workplace Bullying

12 February 2014

To view and listen to a recording of the presentation, click here.

To print slides the presentation slides, click here.

While the Miami Dolphins’ locker room issues have brought purported bullying to the forefront of the national consciousness, claims of workplace bullying are a serious issue for employers. In our hyper-sensitive, rights-focused society, we now have the Workplace Bullying Institute, which estimates that nearly half of all American workers have been affected by workplace bullying, as a target or a witness. And, state and local jurisdictions are jumping on the bandwagon by considering vague and ambiguous bullying statutes. Aside from the human costs, lost productivity and employee turnover caused by actual incidents of bullying, employers must now grapple with the costs to comply with vague legislation and to defend themselves against ever-expanding bullying and hostile work environment litigation.

During this webinar, a selection of K&L Gates Labor, Employment, and Workplace Safety practice group lawyers provided a briefing on the employment law aspects of workplace bullying. Issues covered include:

  • Changing global norms and laws related to workplace bullying
  • Federal and state bullying legislation
  • Tips to minimize the risk of successful claims for workplace bullying
  • Recommended best practices for employers