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Accessing Investment in China: A Global Perspective on the RQFII Program

11 December 2014

During this webinar a group of our investment management partners from across the globe discuss RQFII licensing in their jurisdictions. 

Our panelists consider the following:

  • Chinese currency restrictions and the availability of offshore Renminbi in eligible jurisdictions
  • Key features of the RQFII Program, an update on its latest developments, and comparison with the QFII Program
  • How to take advantage of the RQFII Program, including a discussion on its use in combination with other programs such as Asian fund passports, mutual recognition, and the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programs
  • Practical issues for RQFII participants in eligible jurisdictions including in relation to local licensing
  • The status of the RQFII Program in eligible jurisdictions
  • Opportunities presented by the RQFII program in eligible jurisdictions
  • The kinds of fund structures that are compatible with QFII and RQFII
  • Borrowing and cross-utilization of RQFII quotas