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EU Employment Webinar Series 2015 - November

Collective Employment Issues in the EU
18 November 2015
Presenters: Paul Callegari

We recently held the tenth in our series of monthly Employment Law webinars looking at employment law issues in the EU.

This month, we looked at the role of works councils and trade unions in the UK, France, Germany and Poland, and how companies can negotiate their way through the challenges posed by having to deal with employee representatives as part of everyday business.

We provide practical guidance on the following questions:

  • When is an employer automatically bound by a mandatory collective bargaining agreement?
  • When is an employer required to recognise a trade union or works council?
  • What powers do the unions or works councils have, and when do they need to be consulted?
  • What is the best advice that can be given to a business looking to expand into the EU to deal with these issues?