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UK Employment Law Webinar Series 2016 - January

27 January 2016
Presenters: Paul Callegari
In our first webinar of 2016, we were joined by David Reade QC and Alex Robson of Littleton Chambers, who successfully represented the employer in a recent High Court case involving the termination for gross misconduct of a senior executive who had kept documents at home in order to protect his position and who had also sent confidential documents to an employment agency with a view to obtaining new employment. Counsel discussed the implications of the decision for employers generally.

We also rounded up some significant recent cases regarding the ability of an employer to monitor private employee communications in the workplace (as widely reported in the media), when an employer can instruct a foreign employee to speak English without discriminating and further examples of how an employer is expected to comply with its duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees.

Finally, we highlighted a few anticipated developments for 2016 that employers should look out for.