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Bracing for BEPS: How the Evolving Global Tax System Will Impact Your Company

21 April 2016

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The OECD, the EU and countries around the world are acting swiftly and aggressively to end tax planning strategies they say artificially shift profits and deductions and could result in an estimated $240 billion global underpayment of tax each year. Will these efforts result in increased reporting burdens and greater tax costs for your business?

During this webinar our panelists summarize the key issues in play and provide insights on what BEPS initiatives could mean to your company and steps you can take to prepare.

Topics covered include:

  • Discussion of the global efforts to stop base erosion and profit shifting, including recent Treasury actions to stop corporate inversions
  • Perspectives on how anti-BEPS actions will affect multinational corporations and other entities
  • Insights into the impact of anti-BEPS initiatives on US tax reform
  • Thoughts on how multinationals should respond and prepare