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Brexit Q&A Conference Call (6)

4 April 2017

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Now that the UK has triggered Article 50, the Brexit process has begun.

The sixth in our series of Brexit Q&A Conference Calls addresses immediate questions for business with topics ranging from trade negotiations to public policy, employment issues and passporting, financial services and commercial contracts, as well as the political perspective across the continent.

Discussion topics include:

  • The UK divorce bill for leaving the EU and the potential consequence this may have on reaching a wider settlement.
  • The UK's continuing trade agreement wth the EU and its importance to both sides of the negotiating table.
  • The reaction of the UK and wider EU banking & financial services sector to Brexit.
  • The potential impact of impending elections in Germany and France on EU negotiation tactics.
  • The effect of Brexit on entrepreneurialism in the UK including on the burgeoning FinTech sector.
  • Arrangements that UK businesses with EU national employees should be making to protect against the consequences of a "hard" Brexit.
  • The political perspective across the region including Scotland and Ireland.
  • Whether or not Article 50 could be revoked.