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Brexit Q&A Conference Call (8)

Will the UK Ever Leave the European Union?
18 July 2017

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With the UK Conservative government having entered into an agreement with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, and rumours of splits between key ministers, and a weakened Prime Minister, the focus of this Brexit call was on recent developments on the political and regulatory side.

Primary areas covered in the recording of this discussion include:

  • The effect on financial services organisations following the European Securities and Markets Authority's (ESMA's) recent rejection of ‘letterbox’ relocations after Brexit
  • An update on the political situation in the UK and the impact a minority Conservative government is having on Brexit negotiations
  • The revised EU Insolvency Regulation that has come into force and how cross-border insolvencies involving the UK will be affected by Brexit
  • The impact of the government's recent offer concerning the rights of EU citizens working in the UK, and what UK employers of EU citizens need to be aware of
  • Donald Trump's promise of  a "'very big, very powerful" trade deal following Brexit
  • Potential moves China might make to support the UK during these difficult times
  • The feasibility that the Brexit decision can be reversed

We invite you to send questions to our multidisciplinary Brexit European Advisory Group on any issues that may be unclear or causing concern.