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Our sports practice has been servicing the legal needs of individuals and businesses involved in the sports sector for over 20 years.

We have advised on some of the biggest deals and disputes, involving many of the key operators and stakeholders in the sector, and in relation to some of the world’s leading sports events, personalities and properties, including major professional sports leagues (such as the USL, MLS, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, AHL, XFL and the Premier League, among others), the Olympic Games, WWE, FIFA World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cups, Formula 1, Americas’ Cup, the Ryder Cup and various eSports properties.

We have a market-leading international team of sport and entertainment lawyers throughout the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. We offer the benefits of a global business law firm, with a network of experience extending throughout the United States and across the world. Leveraging our global platform, our sports law practice is equipped to provide assistance to clients swiftly and on an informed basis from our offices around the world, utilizing not only our legal skills and local market knowledge, but also our extensive networks and lobbying capabilities.

Our team has deep collective experience representing clients in the sports industry, particularly around:

  • Media rights (ownership, protection, exploitation, strategic joint ventures, and traditional and over-the-top (“OTT”) methods of distribution)
  • Stadium related real estate finance and tax incentives in connection therewith
  • League expansion
  • Acquisition and disposition matters
  • Strategic value-add partnerships between various stakeholders in the sports sector
  • General corporate and financing matters
  • Government relations
  • Sponsorship, naming rights and endorsement deals
  • Event bidding, staging, hosting, participation arrangements, and venue and stadium hire agreements
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Ticketing and hospitality
  • Merchandising
  • Concessionaire agreements
  • Antitrust law
  • Domestic and international regulation
  • Sports integrity (anti-doping, corruption, and investigations)
  • Sports-related litigation

We regularly represent:

  • Governing bodies, professional sports leagues and associations
  • Professional sports clubs and organizations
  • Fortune 500 companies and well-known brands
  • Content providers/programmers
  • Stadium authorities and operators
  • Investors and lenders
  • Sports apparel brands
  • Agencies
  • Athletes and other talent/personalities in the sports sector
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Sports Businesses, Agency Arrangements, Sponsorship, and Media Rights Experience
Represented a leading sports agency on various agency appointments to leading sponsors and sports property owners as well as the joint venture companies for the top 24 professional English Rugby Union Clubs on the appointment of a centralized merchandising and licensing agent.
Represented entities in the consolidation of the sports betting and gaming industry in the U.K., as well as one of the largest owners of horserace courses in the U.K. (a listed company) in its original takeover and its subsequent acquisition of its racecourse portfolio and its establishment of the first race-themed casino in the U.K.
Represented professional, gold-medal winning Olympic and amateur athletes on a wide variety of issues, including the negotiation of endorsement contracts and protection of athlete status with governing bodies.
Negotiation and litigation of media rights on behalf of professional organizations, clubs, premier league clubs, leagues, associations, developers broadcasters, athletes, and promoters, both nationally and internationally, in all the following sports: wrestling, golf, surfing, basketball, soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, football, auto racing, greyhound racing, and rowing.
Negotiation of teams and franchise sponsorships for the leading U.K. football clubs, the Williams’ F1 team, various U.K. Premiership Clubs, and the U.K. national team as well as several U.K. premier soccer clubs.
Negotiation of title and event sponsorship agreements in connection with the Rugby Union 6 Nations Championship, the British Basketball Championship, the “G Shock” Snowboarding Championship, the golfing events for the PGA European Tour, the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, and the U.S. stock car series by Nextel.
Negotiation of the broadcast sponsorship of the U.K. premier league football pay-per-view coverage, challenge sponsorships for a leading global operator of hot air balloons, and nationally government-backed sports sponsorship of qualifying sports events and activities.
Represented world governing bodies with respect to exploitation of rights relating to their events and the owner of the promotional rights to the international powerboat endurance racing championship on the appointment of its sponsorship and promotion agents.