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Timothy P. Walker, Ph.D.

Fax +1.415.882.8220
Tim Walker focuses on patent litigation involving computer software, computer hardware and chemistry. His cases have involved object-oriented software; encryption software, databases; networking hardware and software; wireless communications hardware and software; computer conferencing; computer monitors; computer chip design, manufacturing and packaging; medical imaging devices; enzymatic clinical assays; microbial production of food supplements; epoxy resins; robotics; and batteries.

Mr. Walker has more than thirty-five years of experience as a litigator, including first-chair trial and appellate experience. He has had a leading role representing clients in district court, at the ITC, and before the Federal Circuit. He has prepared and presented technology tutorials, argued claim constructions, argued summary judgment motions, presented and cross-examined expert witnesses, presented opening and closing arguments and argued appeals to the Federal Circuit.

Mr. Walker’s educational foundation in science makes him comfortable with complex technologies and allows him to respond in real time to unexpected technical questions from judges, new but flawed arguments by opposing counsel, and evasions by hostile expert witnesses. His strategic approach includes an analysis of the basic scientific concepts at issue combined with rigorous legal analysis.

Mr. Walker is a regular participant in Stanford Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop, critiquing students on their performance of a variety of deposition and courtroom exercises.
  • Hunter Douglas v. Ching Feng (ND Cal.)--Lead counsel for Ching Feng. Patent infringement suit regarding window blind mechanisms. Pending litigation.
  • Elm 3DS Innovations, LLC v. SK hynix (D.Del.)--Representing SK hynix in patent infringement suit respecting stacked integrated circuit design. Pending litigation.
  • Phenix Longhorn LLC v. Wistron (EDTX)--Representing Wistron in patent infringement suit respecting gamma correction to LCD displays. Pending litigation.
  • In the matter of Certain Batteries and Electrochemical Devices Containing Composite Separators, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same, Inv. No. 337-TA-1087 (USITC) -Represented respondent ATL in patent infringement investigation regarding porous lithium ion battery separators. Case settled after hearing.
  • In the matter of Certain Dynamic Random Access Memory and NAND Flash Memory Devices and Products Containing Same, Inv. 337-TA-803 (USITC)--Represented SK Hynix. Patent infringement investigation relating to memory chip design. Case settled before hearing.
  • In the matter of Certain Notebook Computer Products and Components, Inv. No. 337-TA-705 (USITC) —Represented respondent Wistron. Patent infringement case regarding laptop computer built-in pad-style pointing device and password-protected resume. Favorable settlement.
  • Wistron v. Samsung Electronic Co., Case No. C 07-04748 VRW (N.D. Cal) — Represented respondent Wistron in a patent infringement action where Samsung had alleged infringement of three patents relating to computer keyboard hot key functions, battery charging power-saving methods, and data storage and retrieval methods. The parties entered into a patent license agreement on a mutually acceptable basis, including a patent cross license, and the lawsuits between them were dismissed.
  • DNT v. Sprint, et al. (ED VA)--Represented defendant Novatel. Patent infringement case involving plug-in wireless modems. Represented Novatel at jury trial; defense verdict.
  • SPH America LLC v. Acer, Inc., et al. (SD Cal.)--Represented Novatel. Patent infringement case involving patent for wireless channel modulation methods. Case settled.
  • In re Certain Semiconductor Chips with Minimized Chip Package Size and Products Containing Same, 337-TA-605 (USITC)--Represented respondent Spansion, Inc., in patent infringement investigation regarding integrated circuit package design analyzed using finite element analysis. Expert report preparation; preparation of technical witness cross-examination.
  • General Atomics v. Axis-Shield (ND Cal and Federal Circuit)-- Lead counsel for Axis-Shield. Patent infringement case regarding enzymatic assay for amino acid in blood.
  • Elonex v. Lite-On (D.Del.)--Represented Lite-On Technology Corporat in patent infringement case involving computer monitor power saving mode signaling. Case settled.
  • Cable & Wireless Internet Services, Inc. v. Akami Technologies, Inc. (ND Cal.)--Represented Cable & Wireless in patent infringement litigation regarding network routing protocols.
  • Nomos Corporation v. Zmed, Inc. (D.Mass.)--Represented Zmed in patent infringement case regarding 3D imaging in a medical device. Defense verdict after jury trial; settled on appeal.