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Global Insurance Solutions
K&L Gates brings together one of the world’s premier insurance coverage practice groups and a global team of multidisciplinary lawyers to assist policyholders in managing and mitigating risk. Read our capability statement.

Risk is a defining challenge for business today. Insurance, a long-established mechanism for transferring risk through contracts, increasingly receives scrutiny from senior management and board members. Insurance contracts serve as the last defense against substantial, even potentially ruinous, risk for companies and their directors, yet surprisingly, they often receive less attention than other complex commercial contracts.

How We Can Help
Our Global Insurance Coverage Solutions team includes lawyers who are familiar with the full spectrum of issues that policyholders face, from the traditional (such as product liability claims and property losses) to the modern (such as cyber attacks). We assist clients in managing and mitigating risk through integrated solutions regarding insurance arrangements and insurance recoveries. We also help them navigate the challenges that occur as their economic activities grow globally.

Insurance arises against a factual and legal landscape that typically intersects with complex liability and regulatory regimes. Our insurance coverage lawyers collaborate with colleagues in various practices across the firm’s global platform to represent policyholders across a wide array of legal disciplines, countries, and industries, whether crafting insurance contract language before placement or maximizing recoveries on insurance claims.

Representing policyholders requires advocating positions adverse not only to the insurers, but also to the insurance industry more generally. Many law firms are limited in their ability or willingness to provide representation to policyholders because the firms have ongoing client relationships with insurers. Our lawyers attack conventional wisdom as to what insurance contracts are “supposed to cover.”

For more information on our types of insurance coverage experience and industries served, visit the Related Content tab.

Areas of Practice