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Health Care Fraud & Abuse
Our lawyers cover the latest heath care law developments in our ongoing Triage podcast. Subscribe to Triage through iTunes or Google Play.

Members of our team publish the Qui Tam Quarterly newsletter highlighting emerging and pressing issue in health care fraud and abuse.

As one of the most heavily scrutinized industries in the U.S., health care has been and will remain a primary target for allegations of fraud and abuse. Fraud and abuse allegations expose those operating in the health care industry to government enforcement actions, qui tam lawsuits initiated by whistleblowers, significant civil and criminal liability, and potential exclusion from participation in federal health care programs. When health care fraud and abuse matters arise, health care professionals need a legal team that possesses sophisticated defense skills on both the civil and criminal fronts, as well as a deep understanding of health care laws and regulations. The K&L Gates Health Care Fraud & Abuse group is uniquely positioned to defend health care clients when the stakes are at their highest and when results are critical.

The K&L Gates Health Care Fraud & Abuse group is a powerful combination of lawyers from our Investigations, Enforcement and White Collar and Health Care practice groups, supported as necessary by the firm’s e-Discovery Analysis and Technology (e-DAT) group. This collaboration offers us a unique perspective that informs and drives the defense strategies and teams deployed for our clients. Consisting of former U.S. Attorneys and Assistant U.S. Attorneys, as well as lawyers with significant experience handling the most sophisticated health care regulatory matters, the K&L Gates Health Care Fraud & Abuse group is equipped to help clients navigate the inherent complexities and challenges of health care fraud and abuse investigations, including those associated with electronically stored information and electronic medical records. With team members located in our offices across the country and in virtually every region, the Health Care Fraud & Abuse group is able to meet our health care clients’ needs wherever, whenever, and however they arise.

The K&L Gates Health Care Fraud & Abuse group routinely represents health care systems, hospitals, providers, and companies across the health care industry. These matters include investigations and litigation related to (1) the False Claims Act (“FCA”), including actions initiated by the government and through qui tam or whistleblower lawsuits; (2) the Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute; (3) the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; and (4) Medicare and Medicaid audits, including RAC and ZPIC audits. The K&L Gates Health Care Fraud & Abuse group also has significant experience handling Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) Self-Disclosures and helping clients navigate the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) Voluntary Self-Referral Disclosure Protocol.

As health care laws, regulations, and legal precedent continuously develop, our lawyers stay abreast of such changes to ensure we maintain the strongest institutional knowledge and legal skills to meet our clients’ unique needs.

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Representation of pharmacy in government investigation alleging Medicare and Tricare fraud surrounding drug compounding.
Representation of a leading clinical and research facility involving alleged Stark Law violations and improper Medicare and Medicaid billings.
Representation of various hospitals and health systems in internal and external billing compliance and FCA investigations.
Representation of pharmacy in responding to governmental allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud.
Representation of a chain of hospitals involving allegations of Medicare fraud in the context of the nationwide laboratory unbundling investigation.
Representation of a major pharmaceutical company in a joint criminal and civil investigation conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense, HHS-OIG, and a U.S. attorney’s office, based on a whistleblower’s allegations.
Representation of clients on health care fraud and abuse compliance and matters involving the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, the CMS, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and similar state regulatory agencies.
Representation of numerous biologics, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies in internal reviews of promotional practices and clinical development activities to mitigate potential fraud and abuse risk exposure.
Representation of medical device manufacturer and DME supplier against federal FCA qui tam suit led by the DOJ with damages in excess of $700 million.
Representation of multiple behavioral health providers in Medicaid audits and negotiated settlements relating to alleged fraud and abuse charges.