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Joanna Gąsowski

Counsel, K&L Gates Jamka
Fax +48.22.653.4250
Joanna Gąsowski focuses her practice in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, including in litigation on bankruptcy related matters, as well as in banking and finance.

Joanna also possesses a long-term experience in representing creditors and Polish debtors in numerous financial transactions comprising issuance of bonds, granting syndicate loans and other loans and financing of acquisition of companies. 

Counsel with K&L Gates Jamka Spółka Komandytowa (“K&L Gates Jamka”).  K&L Gates Jamka has entered into a cooperative arrangement with K&L Gates LLP.

Professional Background

Before joining K&L Gates, Joanna Gąsowski worked at the Warsaw office of a prominent international law firm and at a boutique bankruptcy law firm. She also worked at Citigroup Global Markets, Inc., Smith Barney Compliance Regulatory Unit in New York, where her practice included a broad range of regulatory issues, including various Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINAR) rules and regulations.

Litigation experience
  • Representing an insurance company in the litigation against a bank for a payment of over PLN 228 million (EUR 51.5 million) under the insurance agreement pertaining to the insurance of a credit granted to a foreign company for the construction of a plywood factory.
  • Representing Alpine Bau GmbH in liquidating bankruptcy and Alpine Bau GmbH A1 sp.j. in liquidating bankruptcy, as well as Austrian bankruptcy administrators appointed for these construction companies in the disputes against the Polish State Treasury - General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways - GDDKiA and Ministry of Sport and Tourism, pertaining to the submission of its claims in totaling USD 108.6 million under a contract based on FIDIC Red Book in two secondary bankruptcy proceedings in Poland.
  • Representing a European construction company in litigation proceedings in connection with the construction of A4 tall motorway in Poland, and supporting the company against the claims by Polish entities, including the Polish State Treasury - General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways - GDDKiA in the restructuring proceedings in the company’s home country.
  • Representing a Dutch company as a creditor in enforcement proceedings against the Polish company designated for operating a theme park in Poland.
  • Representing an overseas construction company in two large construction disputes against the Polish State Treasury – General Director for National Roads and Motorways arising out of the two contracts for the construction of sections A and C of A2 motorway in Poland based on FIDIC Yellow Book (the value of both contracts amounts approximately to USD 323 million). The disputes concern liquidated damages for termination of contracts and compensation claims for breach of contract. The value of the disputed claims including compensation-related claims exceeded USD 202.5 million.
  • Representing a US subsidiary specializing in the production of fuel control systems for aircraft engines, hydraulic systems and other products used for aircraft and helicopters as an acquirer of real estate in the court enforcement proceedings of a Polish company.
Representing debtors:
  • Representing a large European construction company in negotiations of standstill agreements with Polish creditors in connection with the construction of the A4 toll motorway in Poland.
  • Advising a large Polish company in the steel sector in connection with the out-of-court restructuring of its debt of approx. EUR 500 million involving 23 banks.
  • Advising a leading European multi-brand group that designs, manufactures and markets bathrooms ceramics – Sanitec Oy, in restructuring matters involving its Polish subsidiaries. 
  • Advising a UK debtor in connection with filing a primary bankruptcy petition with a Polish court based on Council Regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 of May 29, 2000.
Representing creditors:
  • Representing a European bank in the expedited restructuring proceedings of a Polish wind farm company.
  • Representing a telecommunication company as a creditor in deep-restructuring proceedings (postępowanie sanacyjne) of a Polish carrier providing services for other carriers, including fiber optic networking.
  • Advising a Polish creditor on debt restructuring in connection with a bond issuance by a major Polish mine company.
  • Representing a European bank in connection with a maritime mortgage over a vessel under construction in a dispute between creditors regarding the ownership of the vessel owned by an Italian borrower.
  • Representing a hedge fund in connection with arrangement bankruptcy proceedings of Polish office center companies in Silesia.
  • Acting for a distressed private equity fund in connection with its investment in a Polish health sector company.
  • Advising senior lenders in connection with the financial restructuring of Polish logistics companies’ debt of EUR 330 million.
  • Representing a private equity fund in connection with the corporate and financial restructuring of a Polish company.
  • Representing Lehman Brothers as a creditor in connection with the bankruptcy proceedings of two Polish warehouse distribution companies, including coordinating the document review and document production process regarding US bankruptcy proceedings, and filings made with the US Bankruptcy Court Northern District of California.
  • Advising creditors on restructuring matters and proceedings to declare the bankruptcy of Gazimport Sp. z o.o. – a Polish company importing gas and oil from Eastern markets. Also advised on related litigations.
  • Representing a Polish bank in connection with the opening of secondary bankruptcy proceedings of Maflow Polska sp. z o.o. on the basis of Council Regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 of May 29, 2000.
  • Advising a Polish bank in connection with sauvegard proceedings in France and proceedings to open secondary bankruptcy proceedings of Christianapol Fabryka Mebli Tapicerowanych Sp. z o.o.
  • Representing an Austrian bank as a creditor in connection with the bankruptcy proceedings of a Polish company producing tubes and profiles.

Banking and finance 
  • Representing Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A. in connection with PLN 300,000,000 and PLN 600,000,000 bond issuance programs established on the basis of the agreement with Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna and agreement with Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.
  • Representing creditors and Polish debtors in a number of syndicated loan and acquisition finance transactions such as representation of a creditor in an acquisition finance transaction of companies producing office stationary and supplies, financing of a company producing foam and isolation materials, and also in the refinancing transactions of Wola Park investment and a Polish subsidiary of Thule, a Swedish company producing a variety of racks and carriers, as well as CSS Corp, a global leader in technology support.
  • Representing Cintra Concesionex DE Infraestructuras DE Transporte SA, one of the largest European construction companies in the negotiation of a PLN 1.4 billion construction contract for the construction and operation of the A1 toll motorway section from A1 Strykow - Pyrzowice and A2 Strykow - Konotopa.