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Nicholas A. Leibham

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Nick Leibham is a partner in the firm’s Washington, D.C. and Orange County offices. Mr. Leibham is part of the innovation law and policy group and spearheads the emerging technologies public policy practice which includes a multi-disciplinary portfolio of clients and matters to which he devotes his time. Mr. Leibham primarily advises clients that have a substantial revenue stream derived from, or their business model relies upon or is impacted by, government. This may include aspects of federal funding and business development initiatives, procurement, public-private-partnerships, regulatory matters and rule makings or tax issues, for example.

Mr. Leibham’s approach to serving his clients is to take a holistic view of their needs. Having practiced as a corporate and commercial transactions attorney before joining the Public Policy and Law Group at K&L Gates, Mr. Leibham is quite cognizant of the opportunities and strains companies are under, whether due to operations and finance or business development and personnel. And, as former trial attorney, Mr. Leibham recognizes that minimizing risk and the chances of adversarial dealings is generally a wiser direction than the alternative. Mr. Leibham’s primary goal is to be viewed as a trusted counselor, advising clients on law and government, so that those clients can make decisions that will lead to successfully navigating federal and state marketplaces.

Professional Background

Nick's political and policy background includes serving as a senior aide to Representative Gary Ackerman (D-NY) and Former Representative (now Governor) Neil Abercrombie (D- HI), being the Western Regional Director for the Democratic National Committee and a core part of John Kerry's legal recount team during the 2004 Presidential election stationed in New Mexico. Nick appears periodically on various cable news shows to discuss politics and public policy issues of national significance. Prior to joining K&L Gates, Nick was a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives during the 2008 election cycle in California's 50th Congressional district (San Diego metropolitan area). Nick previously practiced law at a private law group, where he focused on property and leasing transactions, employment law, and various aspects of corporate transactions, among other matters. He was also a prosecuting attorney on behalf of the City of San Diego where he represented the People of the State of California.

Professional/Civic Activities