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As perhaps the world’s most heavily regulated, scrutinized, politicized, and publicly misunderstood global industry sector, the nuclear industry and its suppliers require sophisticated counsel with a keen sense of the legal, political, and commercial challenges facing the industry, as well as its important place in the worldwide energy future.

The K&L Gates nuclear industry group is an international, multidisciplinary team focused on virtually every facet of the nuclear industry and on the challenges presented by the use and disposal of radioactive materials and radiation-generating devices, as well as the opportunities presented by heightened concern over the emission of greenhouse gases.

Our clients include operators of commercial nuclear energy facilities, nuclear fuel fabricators, ore processors, industrial and medical users, waste management and transportation contractors, developers, and suppliers to the commercial nuclear power industry. In the United States, our attorneys have represented Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensees and Department of Energy (DOE) contractors, as well as consultants, contractors, and subcontractors in nearly every capacity. In the United Kingdom, we have advised government agencies and nuclear facility operators on a wide range of regulatory issues and have been involved in several important transactions in the U.K. nuclear industry.

Our industry team combines lawyers with a range of nuclear industry experience, including technical backgrounds, government agency roles, and in-house counsel of regulated companies. Still others bring truly unique experiences to bear in counseling our nuclear clients. For example, K&L Gates partner Dick Thornburgh, in his former capacity as governor of Pennsylvania, led the Commonwealth’s emergency response during the Three Mile Island accident in 1979.

Areas of Practice

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Government and Regulatory
State Superfund/FUSRAP:    We represented the owner of an industrial facility that contained radioactive contamination from a former site owner’s operations conducted for the U.S. government.  We worked closely with the New York Attorney General’s office and NYSDEC to insure that the federal government would remove the radioactive contamination from the property under the FUSRAP program.
Mixed Waste:   We have advised contractors on nuclear waste management and cleanup at sites having both defense and commercial nuclear waste, such as the West Valley site in New York.  We have extensive experience in the management of mixed waste – that is, waste that has both hazardous and radioactive constituents – and have counseled contractors at large DOE sites.
Agreement State Compliance:   We have advised a thorium alloy manufacturer with respect to a range of Agreement State radioactive materials licensing issues, including occupational exposure monitoring and reporting, survey and release of materials and equipment, area posting and monitoring, site decommissioning, financial assurance, license renewal, and radioactive waste management.
Transporters of Nuclear Materials:   Our attorneys have advised DOE contractors on NRC license and certification requirements for the transportation of highly radioactive materials and spent nuclear fuel, including domestic transportation and nuclear fuel shipping campaigns involving the return of foreign research reactor fuel to the United States.
Industrial Users:   K&L Gates has advised several state-licensed thorium alloy producers on matters concerning license renewal and amendment to accommodate process and facility modifications, decontamination, and decommissioning. 
Nuclear Fuels Manufacturing:   Our lawyers have represented the current and former owners and operators of a uranium fuel fabrication facility, plutonium processing laboratory, and radioactive waste shallow land burial site before the NRC and state agencies in matters concerning decontamination and decommissioning and license termination.  These efforts included NRC proceedings to amend the Special Nuclear Materials license for the facility.
Medical Equipment Manufacturer:   We represented a seller of a nuclear imaging equipment manufacturer in the transfer of multiple NRC licenses and state permits in connection with the sale of the business.
Ore Processing:   K&L Gates represented the operator of a former rare earth metals extraction and processing facility in matters concerning site decontamination and decommissioning under the NRC Site Decommissioning Management Plan and subsequent License Termination Rule, as well as amending the NRC Source Materials license to allow processing of licensed ore residues to recover additional metal values.
RAM Purchasers:   Our attorneys have advised clients on the NRC’s “general license” requirements that would be applied to the purchase and ownership of radioactive materials, and related actions that would trigger filing and notification to the NRC.
Hospitals:   We have represented several hospitals in the transfer and amendment of NRC licenses and state permits in connection with mergers and acquisitions of other hospitals and nuclear medicine practices.