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Peter E. Soskin

Fax +1.415.882.8220

Peter Soskin is an associate in the firm’s San Francisco office. His practice focuses on litigation matters, and he primarily represents clients in intellectual property, and products liability-related matters.  Additionally, he has experience in commercial litigation and real property matters.  

Mr. Soskin represents clients in federal and state courts and has experience in all stages of litigation including drafting and successfully arguing motions for summary judgment and motions in limine.

Mr. Soskin is also committed to K&L Gates’ efforts to ensure that the underserved have access to pro bono representation.  He serves as the San Francisco office’s associate liaison to local organizations in order to connect potential pro bono clients with attorneys in K&L Gates’ San Francisco and Palo Alto offices.  Additionally, Mr. Soskin has successfully represented several pro bono clients in various matters including:

  • Obtaining a U-Visa for a client who bravely stepped forward to help authorities prosecute and deport her abuser. 

    In 2013, Mr. Soskin and now-retired partner Richard Phillips, began representing a young Guatemalan woman who sought asylum after she escaped her abusive partner and crossed into the United States.  The client had previously been brought to the United States by her abuser.  While living together as undocumented residents, the client became pregnant with her first child, and her partner began to regularly abuse her. The client sought and received protective orders from Washington State authorities after she was beaten and left for dead by her abuser, which ultimately led to his deportation.

    Mr. Soskin determined that because she assisted American law enforcement in the prosecution of her abuser, the client was entitled to a U-Visa.  He investigated the prior incidents and worked with Washington State law enforcement to secure the proper declarations and records in order to file a U-Visa on behalf of the client.

    Three years after filing the U-Visa application, the Department of Homeland Security granted the client’s U-Visa application.  She may now live and work in the United States, and is eligible to apply for a green card in 2019.

  • Securing a settlement on the eve of trial for an inmate who filed a lawsuit in the Central District of California against a correctional officer and nurse who allegedly violated his civil rights.

    The inmate was serving a life sentence and had been authorized by prison medical staff to use a cane and wear special shoes. Despite such authorization, the officer refused to allow the inmate to wear the prescribed shoes while showering, resulting in the inmate falling and causing further injury. The officer then continued to punish the inmate with harsh restraints, and threats of assault.  The nurse who arrived onsite to treat the inmate, ignored his pleas to use care when placing him on the stretcher and driving him to the clinic, which caused him additional pain.

    As Mr. Soskin and defense counsel were filing final pre-trial motions and briefs, Plaintiff’s counsel approached Mr. Soskin with a settlement offer.  After some negotiations, Mr. Soskin resolved the matter and obtained a settlement that enabled the inmate to fully repay his restitution obligation, and provide some support to his young daughter.

Professional Background

Prior to joining K&L Gates, Mr. Soskin was an associate at a Bay Area law firm. During law school, he served on the Hastings Business Law Journal, and studied international business law at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain. During the summer after his second year of law school, he served as a law clerk for a boutique law firm in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Prior to attending law school, Mr. Soskin played baseball at the collegiate and professional levels, and coached baseball internationally.

Additional Information

  • “Protecting Title in Continental Europe and the United States: Restriction of a Market,” 7 Hastings Business Law Journal, 411, Summer, 2011