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K&L Gates lawyers have successfully defended a wide variety of claims asserted against professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, pension consultants, architects, engineers, and others. Firm clients range from some of the largest, most prestigious international firms to regional and smaller firms as well as individuals.

We regularly represent lawyers in US state and federal courts and in the English courts in actions for malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and, somewhat less frequently, fraud or malicious prosecution claims. Additionally, K&L Gates represents lawyers before agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Financial Conduct Authority and before state and local grievance and disciplinary committees.

Our lawyers serve on various American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and bar association ethics committees and occasionally act as expert witnesses in legal malpractice cases. The firm also handles disputes among lawyers arising out of law firm breakups, and our professionals are familiar with the claims of breach of fiduciary duty, improper client solicitation, and other alleged ethical violations that typically arise in these situations. Recognizing that our law firm clients are themselves often sophisticated in the subject matter of a particular claim, or in litigation generally, we work closely with them to keep them involved in ongoing tactical and strategic decision-making.

K&L Gates also works closely with its clients to maximise insurance coverage, where available, and to respond to any appropriate requirements by their insurers, who may be paying defense costs. The firm also represents professionals in disputes with insurers, seeking to resolve such disputes, where possible, without recourse to litigation or arbitration.

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Defending a law firm against a $20 million legal malpractice claim, alleging that the client's settlement of the underlying action was based upon incorrect advice as to which of the client's claims would survive the settlement.
Defending a law firm sued for over $100 million in a malicious prosecution lawsuit arising out of the law firm's representation, in an earlier federal action, of one faction of a family owning an international real estate empire.
Defending a law firm alleged to have committed malpractice in representing a wife in a matrimonial matter. The firm's alleged malpractice allegedly resulted in the wife's share of the marital estate being determined in a foreign country, where the wife allegedly received some $22 million less in marital assets than she would have received in a U.S. court.
Defending a law firm in a $130 million malpractice and fraud claim arising out of a complex transaction in which numerous parties participated in the financing and construction of a paper pulp recycling mill. The law firm allegedly failed to represent the venture properly.
Defending a law firm against a claim that its allegedly negligent corporate advice led to a $250 million loss, far in excess of the firm's malpractice policy limits. After aggressive discovery and summary judgment practice, we were able to protect the personal assets of the law firm's partners through a "high-low" agreement with the plaintiff. We ultimately secured a settlement below the agreed-upon damages cap.
Providing advice to law firms and corporate legal departments on matters of legal ethics.
Defending law firms in a variety of other contexts, such as a malpractice claim by a developer arising out of complex real estate and partnership transactions; malpractice and billing fraud claims involving hundreds of cases; a malpractice claim arising out of the dismissal of an underlying medical malpractice case; a claim that one partner's theft of client funds rendered the other, innocent members of the firm liable as well; and motions to disqualify due to alleged conflicts of interest or improper contacts with represented parties.
Defending various lawyers and law firms sued for giving advice and opinions regarding now-controversial tax strategies.
Successfully defending Barclays Bank against allegations of negligence from its customer on the duty of care in taking third party security in a seminal House of Lords decision. (Royal Bank of Scotland v Etridge)
Defending Lloyds TSB in a major Court of Appeal case concerning negligence and a failure to advise a customer involving provisions of the Human Rights Act.