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Karishma Shah Page - Spotlight

Presenters: Karishma Shah Page

Karishma Page started her career with K&L Gates as a summer associate in 2007. She was drawn to K&L Gates because she was able to blend her public policy background with the practice of law. As a former policy analyst and lobbyist, she had the foundation to build her career. "My first love was public policy. I decided to pursue law because it provided a robust framework of analytical, advocacy, and professional skills that strengthened my ability to advance the client’s public policy objectives. K&L Gates was the perfect fit; I was able to bring together both of my interests.” Her enthusiasm for both interests continues to be cultivated by helping K&L Gates clients engage with policymakers on intellectually challenging, cutting-edge legal and policy matters, many of which implicate issues being debated on the national stage.

Mentoring and formal and informal training have played an important part in Karishma’s professional growth. “K&L Gates has a culture of investing in its associates. In addition to formal professional development programs, I benefited from having the opportunity to work on diverse and challenging issues, coupled with informal, on-the-job training. My mentors have shown by example the breadth and depth of skills needed to build a successful practice – a strong knowledge base, analytical rigor, strategic thinking, expert communications skills, and a proactive approach to anticipate and achieve client objectives in a timely manner. They have also provided the opportunity for me to demonstrate proficiency in these areas.”

For young lawyers entering the practice, Karishma stresses the importance of a multifaceted approach. “Law school focuses on one aspect of the profession. Being a successful lawyer, however, requires more than legal skills. It’s important to understand your practice and clients, be conversant on emerging issues, start business development early on, and get involved in the community. It is important to have an eye on the future. Great legal skills are a necessity, but success requires gaining a comprehensive mastery of the profession and it is invaluable to be at a firm that can help provide you with that foundation.”