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UAE Funds Regulation

23 October 2012
Presenters: Simon Mabin

Following the high volume of enquiries from K&L Gates' recent article on the new UAE Funds Regulation (the "Regulation"), Natalie Boyd and Simon Mabin held a teleconference seminar for clients on Tuesday 23rd October to discuss certain aspects of the new Regulation.

Participants gained valuable information in relation to certain practical matters relating to the Regulation such as:

  • whether reverse solicitation is permitted and, if so, how to ensure a fund manager is protected;
  • the impact of the Regulation on the provision of investment management services in the UAE;
  • how to register a Foreign Fund with the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority; and
  • the application of the one year grace period for compliance with the Regulation.

The teleconference seminar was followed by a moderated 30 minute Q&A session.

Listen to teleconference recording.