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GIPS Compliance for Hedge Fund Managers: Increasing Demand for Transparency and Performance Comparability

15 February 2011

Webinar Recording
If you were unable to join us for the original presentation on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, you may access the webinar recording by clicking here.

Program Overview
An increasing number of alternative managers are embracing the GIPS because of the high demand for transparency in this post Madoff-era. GIPS compliance has long been a de facto requirement in the institutional space,  and as more and more alternative managers compete for separate accounts, the need for GIPS compliance is inevitable. Our panel of experienced advisors discussed the various aspects of GIPS Compliance for hedge fund managers.

Topics Included:

  • An Overview of GIPS Compliance
  • The SEC Perspective on GIPS Compliance
  • Benefits and Challenges of GIPS Compliance

To review the webinar materials, click here.