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Critical Briefing: Cyber Threats, Crimes, and Security

11 June 2013
On June 11, 2013, K&L Gates, McGladrey, and Kibble & Prentice, held an informative breakfast briefing focused on today's current cyber threats and how to protect your business from online predators. Our special guest Pablos Holman (futurist and notorious hacker) of Intellectual Ventures Laboratory provided a unique view into breaking and building new technologies. Our panel of speakers was moderated by G. Scott Greenburg of K&L Gates and the discussion covered three main areas:
  1. Threat Assessment: Today's big threats, and how hackers and criminals are succeeding
  2. Prevention and Protection: Defense and protection methods, and what insurance to maintain
  3. Corrections and Remedies: Going after the Bad Guys, and implementing workable fixes

Pablos Holman - Intellectual Ventures Laboratory
David Bateman - K&L Gates LLP
Theodore Angelis - K&L Gates LLP
Daimon Geopfert - McGladrey LLP
Kara Altenbaumer - Price, Kibble & Prentice, a USI Company
Ryan Harkins - Microsoft Corporation