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Insurance Coverage for Cyber Risks and Realities

24 September 2013
Presenters: John P. Scordo

Co-Sponsored by the Association of Corporate Counsel, Western Pennsylvania Chapter and K&L Gates

Every company is at cyber risk. This fact has the attention of the SEC, which has advised companies that appropriate disclosures may include, among other things, a “[d]escription of relevant insurance coverage” to address cybersecurity risks. This program featured discussion and analysis of the types of cybersecurity risks that may be covered under a company’s “traditional” types of insurance policies, such as general liability, commercial property, D&O and D&O insurance policies. The program also highlighted the new cyber insurance products, which can be extremely valuable, and provided practical tips that inside counsel should consider when negotiating and purchasing cyber insurance coverage.

To download a copy of the presentation, click here.

To view and listen to the presentation, click here.