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International Trade Mark Licensing - Taking your Brand Global

9 July 2015
Presenters: Arthur Artinian

This webinar on international trade mark licensing issues provides an overview of some of the key issues which should be discussed with internal and external clients before embarking on new or expanded international brand licensing projects.

This session is targeted to legal counsel and IP managers in businesses that engage in brand licensing and franchising internationally and will focus on the challenges that arise in jurisdictions outside the United States.

What will you get from listening?

  • Identify the types of business conversations which should drive international brand licensing projects
  • Guidance on future-proofing your brand licence, including how to adapt key provisions for compliance with international trade mark laws
  • Direction on managing disputes and enforcement in multiple jurisdictions
  • An overview of key antitrust considerations
  • A summary of brand licence registration requirements and risks
  • Guidance on recognising when to engage local counsel and specialists in areas such as tax
  • Guidance on how to give your standard form licence agreements an “international refresh”