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Assessing Independent Contractor Relationships: Can They Survive the USDOL’s Interpretation?

September 2015

Watch Recording. (CLE Credit Available)

In its July guidance on independent contractors, the Department of Labor (DOL) has clearly signaled its intent to consider the majority of independent contractors as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Companies in key industries including construction, transportation, oil and gas, hospitality, nursing, and staffing should carefully review their use of independent contractors to minimize risk. While the guidance still directs companies to follow a multi-faceted “economic realities” test to determine who is an employee and who is a contractor, the DOL has already concluded that most workers are actually employees. Companies in targeted sectors should thus expect to face heightened scrutiny from federal and state regulators.

For this webinar, our panel decipher what is left of contractor relationships and provide guidance on how companies can put threshold requirements in place to minimize the risk of lawsuits and adverse DOL actions.