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Bermuda-Form Insurance Coverage Arbitrations in London: Key Issues and Practical Considerations

30 September 2010

You may access the recording and presentation materials from this webinar by clicking on the links below:

Program Overview
As U.S. corporations increasingly turn to the Bermuda insurance market to provide property and casualty coverage, there has been a corresponding increase in claims disputes arising under the particular terms and conditions of these policies. Under the dispute-resolution provisions of Bermuda-form liability policies, claims disputes between policyholders and insurers are subject to mandatory arbitration---typically, with the arbitration taking place in London under the procedures of the English Arbitration Act. Nonetheless, Bermuda-form policies also typically specify that the policies are governed by the substantive law of the State of New York. The combination of an English Arbitration proceeding and New York law leads to interesting questions about how the process works---both in theory and in practice. This webinar provides practical tips and lessons learned from lawyers in the U.S. and in the UK with significant experience in these types of arbitrations. In addition, it presents essential information for American lawyers who find themselves involved in this unique forum for insurance dispute resolution.