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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: How Manufacturers Can Avoid Pitfalls in Contracts with Third Party Service Providers and Business Partners

June 2015

View Recording. (CLE Credit Available)

When manufacturers and third-party service providers form partnerships, the goal is to build collaborative relationships that will ultimately benefit the end user. When disputes arise – whether from alleged intellectual property infringement, competition law violations, or “grey areas” in contracts – how much protection does a manufacturer have in its business processes and contracts? Is a multimillion dollar lawsuit avoidable or inevitable?

This webinar is intended to provide in-house lawyers – corporate, intellectual property, antitrust, and litigation – with best practices for third-party/business partner contracts. The program is based on “lessons learned” from the groundbreaking $60 million verdict in the Avaya v. Telecom Labs, Inc./Continuant case, where K&L Gates represented third-party service provider Continuant.