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California Employment Law Seminar: Work Issues in the Internet Age -- Home Office & Social Networking

20 October 2010

If you were unable to join us for the original presentation on October 20, 2010, you may access the Webinar recording and presentation materials below:

Program Overview
The Internet has dramatically changed the workplace, leading to a number of new employment-related issues that create challenges for employers.  This program addresses two key areas: issues associated with employees working out of their "home office" and the phenomenon of social networking.

With the ever-increasing ability to access a company's server directly through high-speed "desk-top" connections, more and more employees are now able to work fully at home in ways that were not even possible just a few years ago.  As a result, many more employers are now facing common issues dealing with "home office" employees, such as supervision of working time, meal periods and overtime concerns, employer posting requirements, potential OSHA obligations, and qualifying for FMLA leave even though the employee may be in a remote location.  This presentation explores these and other unique employment issues relating to home office employees.

Widely used social networking has created novel employment challenges for employers.  The "workplace" may no longer be defined solely in geographical terms. To the extent social networking is used to harass a worker, defame an employer, or pursue personal issues on company time, employers should consider appropriate policies and actions.  The panelists explore the implications of social networking in the workplace, and best practices for employers in managing related issues.

Who Should View
The program is recommended for in-house counsel, HR directors, corporate officers and directors, and other management personnel who are involved with employment issues.