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Optimizing Your Brand Equity and Distribution Strategy

March 2016

Watch Webinar. (CLE/CDP Credit Available)

Brand protection and pricing are top-of-mind issues facing manufacturers in today’s global marketplace. 2015 alone gave rise to a number of important cases on both sides of the Atlantic dealing with manufacturers' efforts to curb unauthorized movement of their products, mitigate brand erosion, and enact resale pricing strategies.

In this program, our panelists discuss how to design and implement a modern and effective distribution strategy, including:

  • Differences between the U.S. concepts of Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP"), Unilateral Pricing Policies ("UPP"), and the European Concept of Selective Distribution strategy
  • The key regional differences and ensuing risk mitigation strategies between the U.S. and EU, in light of recent enforcement efforts
  • Pricing strategy options and risks: permissible resale price maintenance strategies and common missteps in monitoring and enforcing pricing policies in the U.S. vs. the stricter approach in the EU
  • Cost effective strategies for suppressing parallel import or gray market products