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Business and Investments in Africa - a Disputes Perspective

March 2016

Watch Webinar. (CLE/CDP Credit Available)

Africa provides countless business opportunities, not only in commodities (mining, oil and gas) but also in many other sectors such as infrastructure, telecommunications, banking and agriculture. In seizing such opportunities, it is crucial to keep in mind important legal principles, not only after disputes arise, but also (and perhaps most importantly) at the transactional stage in order to mitigate risks.

This sixth webinar in the K&L Gates International Arbitration Webinar Series, and second about Africa, addresses these practical issues and explores the diversity of the African legal environment, with a particular focus upon North and West Africa.

We are joined by Hermann Kouao, a lawyer at the Côte d’Ivoire Bar and Partner at the Ivorian law firm IKT & Associés.