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Leveraging the USDOL’s Proposed White Collar Exemption Changes: What Employers Should Be Doing Now

April 2016

 Watch Webinar. (CLE/CDP Credit Available)

The U.S. Department of Labor has accelerated the timetable for finalizing its proposed rules regarding the white collar exemptions that may expand overtime eligibility to nearly five million currently-exempt workers. Employers may have only 60 days to implement the new regulations, which could be released as early as this spring. The new regulations will create serious business challenges; however, they also present employers with a relatively risk-free opportunity to evaluate and make changes in their business operations.

In this webinar, our panelists provide practical guidance on how employers can use the USDOL's proposed final rules to their advantage. Topics include:

  • Salary increases and other proposed changes in the regulations
  • The benefit of taking action now: a relatively risk-free opportunity to evaluate and reclassify positions and make other workplace changes
  • Steps employers should consider, including self-assessments or audits of employee duties and job descriptions, cost factors and budget considerations, and employee timekeeping systems and compensation structures