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New Frontiers in Health Data Privacy: US and EU Perspectives

May 2016

Watch Webinar (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

Stronger EU data protection rules are set to become law by 2018 and every company, both inside and outside of Europe, that holds or uses European personal data will be affected.  This will be especially significant for healthcare companies that collect data from clinical trials medical research, diagnosis enhancement services, or from medical or health-related personal devices. 

In this webinar, our panelists provide practical guidance on how to prepare for these changes. Topics include: 

  • HIPAA and EU Data Privacy Directive: Are the basics still the basics?
  • Cross-border data transfers: Even more complicated?
  • The US/EU Privacy Shield: Do you feel protected?
  • The Deidentification Debate: Can the US and the European Union meet in cyberspace?
  • The Mobile App Revolution: Is law obsolete?