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Common Wage & Hour Issues in the Hospitality Industry

Session I of K&L Gates' Labor, Employment & Workplace Safety Webinar
June 2016

Watch Webinar Recording.  (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

During this webinar we evaluate many common wage and hour issues that face employers in the hospitality industry. This seminar highlights some of the common mistakes employers in the hospitality industry make which expose them to wage and hour law violations and potential class action litigation. 

The seminar covers:

  • How to navigate the complex rules governing tip pools and the use of the tipped minimum wage, including the state of the law on the so-called “80/20 Rule;”
  • Common issues that arise in the proper recording of time and payment of overtime;
  • How to comply with child labor laws, how employers should handle the costs of uniforms, and when an employer can charge back against an employee’s wages for things such dine-and-dashes and breakages; and
  • What companies should be doing now to ensure that they can comply with new white collar exemption requirements by the pay period that includes December 1, 2016.