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Implementing USDOL’s New Minimum Salary Requirements for White-Collar Exemptions

June 2016

Watch Webinar Recording. (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

The U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) has issued its long-anticipated final rule raising the minimum salary requirements for white-collar overtime exemptions, beginning the countdown for employer compliance. With an effective date of December 1, employers now have less than six months to address the business and policy issues implicated by the new rule, which doubles the current salary thresholds and is expected to impact 4.2 million currently-exempt workers.
The regulations create serious business challenges, while also providing an opportunity for employers to assess and revise their exempt/non-exempt classifications, compensation structure, timekeeping systems, and other related policies and practices.
During this webinar, our panelists briefly summarize the changes in the new rule, provide practical guidance on how employers can evaluate and change their practices based on the final rule, and answer general questions from employers. Topics include: 

  • Who is (and is not) impacted by the increase in minimum salary?
  • Strategies for assessing your workforce
  • USDOL’s simple approach to addressing positions with insufficient salaries
  • It isn’t that simple: designing compensation to address the mosaic of federal, state, and local legal requirements