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Brexit: Initial Market Reactions: The Currency Market and The Political View

7 July 2016

Listen to the Audio Recording.

This program is Part 1 of a two-part series featuring CREFC Europe's CEO, Peter Cosmetatos, in discussions with Andrew Petersen, K&L Gates Finance Partner and Member of CREFC Europe's Board of Directors, and Mark Battistoni, Managing Director at Chatham Financial, who is responsible for the organization's private equity advisory business in Europe.

Topics of Discussion

  • What are the currency markets telling us?
  • How are the political alliances lining up?
  • What are the possible pathways for the UK?
  • How might the CRE market evolve in the UK, Europe, and the U.S.?


  • Mark Battistoni, Managing Director, Chatham Financial
  • Peter Cosmetatos, Chief Executive Officer, CREFC Europe
  • Andrew V. Petersen, Partner, K&L Gates