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Global Employer Solutions in a Digitalized World

July 2016

Watch Webinar Recording.  (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

Technology has transformed human resources on all levels, and the ramifications are greatest among multinationals engaging staff across national borders. Of course, technology facilitates real efficiencies in international human resources—cross border work teams, remote work in far-flung countries, global HR information systems, digital transmission and execution of employment documents, and off-hours work on mobile devices. But these same technological advances bring with them challenges under old legal rules from the pre-digital era. And those legal challenges get particularly complex when they arise across multiple jurisdictions at the same time. 
This webinar is a cross-jurisdictional Q&A-format program of international lawyers discussing how multinationals can use digitalization in their international human resources operations while complying with laws across national borders. Going beyond the often-discussed issue of cross-border HR data exports/data privacy law compliance, this session will confront the cutting-edge legal problems that have emerged from the digitalization of international human resources: 

  • Imposing a global social media policy that reaches employees’ off-hours postings on their own devices
  • Work time, overtime, caps on hours, and wage/hour law in the era of the 24/7 BYOD/mobile-device-enabled workforce
  • Protection of confidential information and information security and the BYOD/mobile-device-enabled workforce
  • Working remotely internationally/across borders
  • Electronic signatures and the “paperless office” in international human resources