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What You Need to Know About Brexit: Q&A with K&L Gates’ Michael McGrath and Jacob Ghanty

20 July 2016

Watch Webinar Recording.

Britain’s vote to exit the E.U. created an immediate furor on both sides of the Atlantic and roiled international markets. The long-term implications of this historic referendum remain far from clear, but what is certain is that the task of sorting out the chaos will likely fall heavily on one group in particular: attorneys. As a recent Wall Street Journal headline proclaimed, “Brexit Aftermath: First Thing We Do, Hire All The Lawyers.”* It’s important to note that said hiring will be occurring beyond European shores, as a significant cross-section of United States multinational and domestic companies are already clamoring for assistance in everything from general Brexit-related risk assessment to tax analysis.

So what should you be doing right now to help your clients prepare for the new reality that is Brexit? This webinar session features analysis from K&L Gates’ Michael McGrath and Jacob Ghanty, in which they discuss topics such as:

  • The ‘Big Picture’: what post-vote developments suggest regarding Britain’s future trade relationship with both the E.U. and the U.S.
  • Which U.S. industries may be particularly impacted and what risks counsel who touch those sectors should be monitoring
  • Which areas of legal practice can expect to be the busiest in the coming months
  • What risk assessment U.S. corporate counsel should be conducting right now for domestic and multi-national clients

The session concludes with a demonstration of critical resources and tools for keeping pace with Brexit-related developments via Lexis Advance.