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NLRB and Union Issues Facing the Hospitality Industry

Session III of K&L Gates' Labor, Employment & Workplace Safety Webinar Series
August 2016

Watch Webinar Recording. (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

The labor law landscape for hospitality employers in the United States has become increasingly more challenging, both for union and non-union employers. The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) is the federal agency with the mandate to protect employees’ rights to collectively bargain and to police certain management practices of private sector employers. During the nearly eight years of the Obama administration, the NLRB has pushed the boundaries of its traditional jurisdiction by permitting employees to engage in a broader array of concerted activity in the workplace, even in the absence of a union or identifiable union organizing. Indeed, the NLRB’s emphasis on employee rights in the non-union workplace has spawned restrictive and oftentimes confusing rules on the rights of employers to manage their workplaces, including monitoring the use of social media and company e-mail, reacting to breaches of confidentiality of proprietary and business information, and enforcing employee codes of conduct. Meanwhile, hospitality industry-centric unions like UNITE-HERE continue to target and organize currently non-union workplaces, aided by NLRB’s new rules for “quickie” elections which significantly limit the employer’s ability to campaign against a union as well as their recent successes in obtaining neutrality and card check agreements from existing hospitality operators and management companies.
More so than ever, hospitality employers need to be familiar with U.S. labor laws in order to meet today’s workplace challenges. During this webinar we discuss these NLRB and union issues that are of special interest to the hospitality industry.