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Workplace Liability of Franchisees, Franchisors, Executives and Human Resources Staff and a Whole Lot More

September 2016
Presenters: Nick Ruskin

 Watch Webinar Recording (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

This webinar explores the scope of Australia's workplace laws that can impose findings and penalties on many workplace participants, not just employers or unions.

This regime of accessorial liability can make liable and fine individuals and related companies who were "involved" in contraventions of the Fair Work Act (underpayment of wages, sham contracting and general protections).

The Federal Government has announced its intent to increase the maximum penalty for contraventions by body corporates tenfold to AUD540,000 and to amend the law to make it easier for franchisors and parent companies to be held liable for the acts of their franchisors and subsidiaries.

We discuss: 

  •  the accessorial liability provisions of the Fair Work Act
  • decisions that have found HR Managers, Directors and related entities liable for being involved in contraventions
  • the proposed changes to the Fair Work Act to widen the liability net