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Global Farmland Transactions: Negotiating the Sale, Purchase and Preliminary Agreements

September 2016

Watch Webinar Recording (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

This event takes you through the process of negotiating agreements, leases, and navigating the regulations involved in farmland investment by global investors.
This session covers how to successfully negotiate the sale and purchase agreement by discussing: 

  • Key issues and drivers for farmland owners and farmland investors
  • The important yet often problematic issues of:
    • the impacts of the FIRB regime – the possible effect on timing and price in negotiating a transaction
    • buyer due diligence – how to really do due diligence
    • seller due diligence – understanding the importance of 'a seller due diligence' – the why and how
    • warranties – how far is too far? What should be the 'real' concerns?
    • timing – getting realistic about timing!
    • contamination/environmental concerns – real and manageable
    • land tax – really? Is it payable?
    • a select comparison of key contract expectations for North American buyers versus Australian seller expectations
    • a few select observations of Chinese and Australian farmland transactions – those that have worked and those that haven't. 

This session is designed to prepare and assist: 

  • Australian farmland owners to negotiate a contract with global farmland investors
  • Global farmland investors to successfully contract with Australian farmland owners
  • Service providers in the investment process to facilitate an effective and successful contract between the parties.