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Business Bytes: Domestic Violence in the Workplace

December 2016
Presenters: Christa Lenard

As part of K&L Gates' new Business Bytes video series, Sydney partner, Christa Lenard, discusses the impact domestic violence has on the workplace.


 Transcript of Video
Businesses need to know the impact domestic violence has on the workplace and that domestic violence leave is emerging very quickly as a major issue.

Too many women are falling out of the workforce because of domestic violence. It is an issue that impacts the safety of employees - and not just the direct victims - and it reduces productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Victims need to know their job is safe and they will get support at work. They need to know that they'll be supported by people who have some training so they know what they are talking about and it will be done sensitively and confidentially. Businesses need to make time to clarify their position on leave entitlements and reduce ambiguity to support victims of domestic violence.