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Tara Clancy - Spotlight

Presenters: Tara C. Clancy

Boston partner Tara Clancy’s decision to leave a job she loved as a mechanical engineer at Proctor & Gamble and start a new career as a lawyer was difficult. Today, she cites that previous experience in a relevant industry as one key to her success as a patent lawyer.  

“With my background in mechanical engineering, when I’m dealing with IP issues, I’m always relying on my engineering experience in order to understand what the patent is about, how we can present it to a jury, and understand the ultimate issue. For me it’s a nice marriage of both degrees – my law degree as well as my mechanical engineering degree.”

Also central to her work is her focus on client service. While she admits that the around-the-clock expectations of clients operating in the modern marketplace can be challenging, she relies on the support of her trusted colleagues to help her maintain a sense of balance while still attending to her clients’ needs.

“When you’re working for a firm like this, what’s going to be key to your success is the willingness to work hard and recognize that client service is foremost. We have to be on top of what our client needs are in order to maintain them in this environment. That’s key, and every lawyer needs to recognize that and be willing to provide the kind of client service that top-notch clients desire.”

Ultimately, it’s the type of matters that come to her as a lawyer at K&L Gates that’s kept her engaged in her career.

“What’s kept me interested in the law, especially at a firm like this, is that the work we get is very challenging. It’s very different from day-to-day; no two days are alike. It keeps things very interesting.”