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Brexit Q&A Conference Call (5)

26 January 2017

Following the UK referendum vote on 23 June to leave the European Union, businesses and individuals around the world are closely monitoring the emerging political, business and economic situation.

The fifth in our series of Brexit Q&A Conference Calls looks at Theresa May’s 12-point plan, the Supreme Court ruling and a number of areas that are expected to be important to organizations operating in the UK and/or the wider EU.

  • The process for triggering Article 50 and likely timing
  • The potential negotiating strategies of the UK and the EU
  • The way forward for trade between the UK and the EU, post Brexit
  • Perspectives from the US and Europe on the possibilities of a US-UK free trade agreement
  • Challenges for the UK financial services sector and insurance sector, post-Brexit
  • The impact on EU derivatives clearing in the UK