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EU and U.S. Trade Secret Considerations for In-House Counsel Doing Business on Both Sides of the Atlantic

January 2017

With the enactment of new civil trade secret laws in the United States and the European Union, K&L Gates trade secret litigation lawyers and the Trans-Atlantic Business Counsel released an analysis highlighting the similarities and differences between the United States Defend Trade Secrets Act (“US-DTSA”) and the EU’s Trade Secrets Directive (“EU-TSD”). For the first time, there is now a federal civil cause of action for the protection of trade secrets in the United States and a set of directives to harmonize trade-secret laws in the EU. What do these developments mean for companies doing business on both sides of the Atlantic? 
The panel addresses the following topics:

  • Brief introduction explaining the importance of trade secrets.
  • Overview of the US-DTSA and EU-TSD.  
  • Key similarities and differences in the US-DTSA and EU-TSD.  
  • Strategies in trade-secret litigation. 
  • What should an in-house counsel do now?