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K&L Gates Triage: Reference-Based Pricing: Terminology & Theory

8 February 2017
Presenters: Gary S. Qualls

This is the first segment in a three-part series about reference-based pricing. The first segment introduces the terminology and theory associated with health plans implementing a reference-based pricing model. Additionally, it discusses variations on reference-based pricing models implemented by various types of commercial insurance networks.

About Triage
Triage: Rapid Legal Lessons for Busy Health Care Professionals has been developed by K&L Gates to convey information about developments in health law through short, three to five minute webinars.

If you work in the health care industry, you have grown accustomed to frequent changes in laws and regulations. On some days, it may seem like an insurmountable task to keep up with every change, especially as a new presidential administration and new policies take shape.

The K&L Gates Health Care Practice will regularly create Triage webinars to help you learn about the latest developments in health law. Our lawyers will identify the most important changes and analyze the impact of these changes on our clients.