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What Employers Need To Know in 2017

March 2017

Listen to Recording (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

Our London Employment team addresses the following pressing issues for UK Employers in 2017: 

  • Employment law developments for the year so far
    This will include a review of the year’s most important developments, including cases dealing with mobility clauses and liability of the employer for events outside of work. 
  • Investigatory Powers Act 2016 - what employers need to know
    We will discuss the key points for employers, which include:
    • The Act may apply to any company which operates in the UK
    • A company which provides a public or private network – e.g. a wifi network - and manages or stores communications may be caught by the Act
    • Any company which operates a system for the transmission of electric messages – e.g., emails, text messages, whatsapp messages – may be required to retain that data for 12 months
    • Security services may apply for warrants to hack companies’ computers, networks and mobile devices; and
    • Companies can be required to remove encryption of data
  • Important changes to employee tax arrangements
    The UK government is going to significantly change the tax treatment of certain payments to employees, including limiting the range of benefits for which “salary sacrifice” arrangements can be used. Given the short timescale in which this legislation will come into force, employers need to consider the potential effects on, and communications to, their employees.