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The Artificial Intelligence Gateway For the Investment and Business Community

16 March 2017

This 3.5 hour program features keynote speakers and panel discussions regarding the increasing awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all industries and the impact this new form of technology will have on your business. This seminar focuses on the investment, as well as the business and organizational aspects, in which AI technology is taking shape across all industries and legal issues that will impact these institutions with the continued development of this new technology.

In addition to the K&L Speakers listed above, the following guests speakers and panelists are part of the program:

  • Howie Choset, Ph.D. | Chief Technology Officer The Advanced Robotics For Manufacturing (ARM) Institute The Robotics Institute - Carnegie Mellon University
  • Michael Wagner | CEO and Co-Founder EDGE CASE RESEARCH, LLC
  • Benjamin Levy | Co-Founder BootstrapLabs Group

The two panel discussions focus on the following topics:

  • Liability, Legal Issues and Insurance Coverage
  • Financial Services and FinTech Industry Impacts